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Main Products

  • Uracil

    CAS No.: 66-22-8

  • 2,4-Dichloropyrimidine

    CAS No.: 3934-20-1

  • 5-Bromo-2,4-dichloropyrimidine

    CAS No.: 36082-50-5

  • 2,4-Dimethoxypyrimidine

    CAS No.: 3551-55-1

  • 5-Bromo-2,4-dimethoxypyrimidine

    CAS No.: 56686-16-9

  • 2,4,5-Trichloropyrimidine

    CAS No.: 5750-76-5

  • 5-Nitrouracil

    CAS No.: 611-08-5

  • 6-Chloro-3-methyluracil

    CAS No.: 4318-56-3

  • 5-Bromo-2-chloropyrimidine

    CAS No.: 32779-36-5

  • 2,4-dichloro-5-methylpyrimidine

    CAS No.: 1780-31-0

  • 5-Bromouracil

    CAS No.: 51-20-7

  • 2-Amino-4,6-dihydroxypyrimidine

    CAS No.: 56-09-7

  • 2-Hydroxypyrimidine hydrochloride

    CAS No.: 38353-09-2

  • 5-Bromo-2,4-dichloropyrimidine

    CAS No.: 36082-50-5

  • 5-broMo-2-chloro-N-cyclopentylpyriMidin-4-aMine

    CAS No.: 733039-20-8

Brown BioCreate brilliant! "Quality First, Credit Guarantee"

Established in 2013, Hangzhou Brown Bio-Pharm Technology Co.,Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with honorary titles of "High-tech Enterprise in Hangzhou" and "High-tech Enterprise"、Zhejiang Province's "Specialized, Refined, Unique, and New" Small and Medium sized Enterprises. At present, we are mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of fine chemical products and the custom processing of compounds, and our main products include textile chemical flame retardant series, new material isocyanate series, pharmaceutical intermediate pyrimidine series and other fine chemical intermediate products.  Up to now, our company has obtained nearly 20 patents and more than 80 varieties of products with complete process reserves.

With nearly 100 employees, Brown Bio is now consisting of R&D team, quality team and production technology team, etc. There is a 1800 square meters of modern laboratory in Hangzhou now, and our quality inspection center is equipped with imported gas and liquid chromatographs, moisture measuring instruments, melting point measuring instruments and various chemical analyzers. Moreover, we found a wholly-owned factory in the west of China with complete production qualifications; equipped with 58 sets of 500L~5000L reaction kettles, this factory can perform a series of reactions such as phosgenation reaction, chlorination reaction, bromination reaction and amination, etc. In addition, Brown owns a number of long-term cooperative factories in Henan, Fujian, Jiangxi and other places, theses factories has good ability to meet the requirements of special reaction types such as nitrification reaction, sulfonation reaction, low temperature reaction, high temperature and high pressure reaction.

Brown aims to create a good life with high-quality chemicals. Sticking to the corporate tenet of "quality assurance, reputation first", Brown wholeheartedly provides high-quality products and excellent services both for domestic and foreign customers. We look forward to cooperating with you to create a brilliant future.

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